Saturday, May 6, 2017

Document Your Riding Adventures Safe And Easily


Hello and welcome to the Trail View Mount blog. Have you ever thought how cool it would be to record your bicycle adventures? To relive them long after they're over? Having video of memorable excursions is worth gold. Photos are good, but video can be better. Don't let the memories stop after your excursions end. If you want to add that extra element to your bicycle adventures, I have the perfect product for you. The Trail View Mount.

I created the Trail View Mount in early 2011. This is a simple and inexpensive mount that attaches to bicycle/motorcycle handlebars allowing camcorders/cameras to be easily secured. The camera simply screws on the 1.5" high threaded rod, and is secured firmly underneath with a nut (a tool is not necessary to tighten nut as your fingers can accomplish this in coordination with turning the camera). Attach and go in just a few minutes. It's that simple and easy. Mount assembly is made of only six parts that includes stainless steel and heavy marine quality plastic. Installation is easy and only takes minutes.

Yes there are many camera mounts out there. I have used one of the best, the Sony VCTHM1. Rubber strips are wrapped around the handlebars before the mount is attached. What will happen with use is the mount will periodically slide down, altering the camera angle. This does not happen with the Trail View Mount. Also if plastic mounts are over tightened they can easily break. This will not happen with the Trail View Mount. All products come with a 14 day money back guarantee. If not completely happy return item (in original condition-buyer responsible for mailing cost) for a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. With the Trail View Mount, you can create memories that will last a long time.

The Trail View Mount is for all type of riders, from recreation to paved trail/multiuse path to competition road cyclists, everyone can benefit using this mount. Many riders record off road and competition style videos. Why hold a camera while using only one hand to bike with? Wouldn't a mount be better? And safer?


Buy with confidence from me. I have been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956)since 2003 with a perfect 100% feedback rating on over 400+ transactions. Go to eBay, at the top click advanced search, type neonguy1956 in search box, to the left under items click by seller, and you can see my profile, my photo, and all my feedbacks. Know exactly who you're buying from. All my customers have always been assured of honest, prompt, and reliable transactions with me. Always.

The Trail View Mount is $9.99 each + $3.75 unlimited quantity shipping first class with USPS. Item/s sent in 9" x 7" bubble mailer for added piece of mind. Photo of mailing receipt showing zip code and tracking number emailed to buyers. All payments are fast and easy through paypal on the link below. Any questions contact me at All inquiries answered quickly. Leave your phone number if you want to speak to me personally. Start enjoying and documenting your adventures soon with the help of the Trail View Mount. Thanks.

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